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My baby is back to life after 3 days in the bodyshop. I love my piece of junk it has been my "patner in crime" for so long and it has allways take care of me by not leaving me in the middle of nowhere that I have some special sentiment for it, Yess ! I love my piece of junk.(I’m talking about my car)
watching the futball game one of my friends said this joke "they said a lot of jokes but I love this one, so I putting it in my blog.
                                             20 SHOTS
A guy kicks open the door and runs in to a bar. He slides up fast to the bar and shouts to the bar tender," Give me twenty shots right here in front of me,of the strongest gall dang likker you are allowed to sell"!
The bar tender rushes and fills up the glasses and set them out in front of the man and steps back. The man drinks those shots and hammers the empties back down on the bar as fast as humanly possible..1..2…3.9.15..18..19..20 The man steps back and wipes his mouth with his sleeve and already the booze are starting to have his way with him.The bartender shakes his head and looks at the guy and says,"sir I have never seen a man drink so much alcohol so quickly and still be standing up, You sir are the reason I became a bartender. The man says (with a slur this time),"Boddy yooo’d drink like that tooo if yooou had what I’ve got". The bartender leaned foward with sympathy at the man’s plight and said. "What have you got buddy"?
……"uuuuh….hic….fifty cents 
    • Kim
    • February 6th, 2006

    Hey Michael …tutti-frutti …that was funny!
    I\’m gald that you and your baby have been reunited.  You probably got a rental from the insurance company or something but it\’s nice to drive your own car. 
    Did you watch the Super Bowl?  What was your favorite commercial?  I like the one with the guy in the hospital with the two doctors and the fly.  I can\’t remember what the commercial was for.  LOL  Some commercials are so funny you forget what they\’re for.
    Well, it\’s back to work for me.  I have to try to see if I can get my music on from here but you didn\’t hear that from me 🙂

    • Johanna
    • February 7th, 2006

    entraste a mi espacio asi que entre en el tuyo…muy copado.
    te mando un beso, joey

    • Kim
    • February 7th, 2006

    Hi Michael,  Just stopping by to say hello.  Hope you\’re having a great week!

    • Kim
    • February 7th, 2006

    Me again.  I just saw you stopped by.  Today was a day.  LOL  Not really bad but it could have gone my way …I mean smoother.  LOL  I\’m just going to think that tomorrow will be much easier.
    Thanks again for the code for the video.  It works better than the music codes, a lot of the time they don\’t play. 
    It\’s a busy TV night but I managed to blog, I have several more I want to write but my next show is on.  LOL  I should keep a list of what I want to write about because I end up forgetting by the time I go to write.
    Enjoy your night!

    • Shanna
    • February 8th, 2006

    Hahahaha, nice blog… *clapping*

    • Kim
    • February 8th, 2006

    Hey Michael,  How are you tonight?  Did you have a good day?  Thankfully, today was better than yesterday.  I kept busy all day and things weren\’t working right for others.  LOL  Better them than me, I had my share yesterday.  teehee
    I haven\’t blogged yet :S  I have many things I want to write about but I\’m not sure where to start.  There will be something there before nights end.
    Have a great night!

    • Kim
    • February 8th, 2006

    Are you having trouble with MSN spaces tonight?  I\’ve been trying to work on my space but it died on me after I posted the lyrics to that song.  I\’m back in now …thanks for stopping by.  I don\’t know why they have so many issues, chat is working and IM.  Well, I\’m off to see if I can add anything else.
    Catch ya later!

    • Kim
    • February 8th, 2006

    Thank you sir 🙂  I am experiencing the same problems which is why I\’m up so late.  That and I\’m trying to get music together for a CD.  Now I\’m wired. 

    • Maria Laura
    • February 9th, 2006

    Hola Michael!!! Gracias por el regalo es muy bonito, je, capas que si soy una romántica, a pesar de que nunca me gusto la idea, jeje, pero lastimosamente es lo que me esta pasando ahora, bah.. nose… digo…,es eso lo que me esta pasando. Bye, gracias!! feliz febrero de San Valentin!!! BeSoSsSsSsS………  

    • Kim
    • February 9th, 2006

    Good Evening!  I\’m in the middle of writing a blog entry and thought I would take a break and say hello.  Those pictures you have in your "I Love" album are awesome!  They are very relaxing to look at. 
    MSN isn\’t as screwed up as it was last night so I was able to finish cleaning up my lost lists.  I hope you don\’t mind but I added you to my "spaces I visit" list. 
    Have a great Friday!

    • Kim
    • February 10th, 2006

    How\’s it going?  The weekend is finally here …woo hoo!!  This was a very long work week.  Are you ready for some snow??  I think you\’ll be getting more than me 😦  I\’m hoping the storm moves a little so we get more than predicted.
    My blog today is kind of long, guess I had a lot to say.  LOL  I\’m logging off early tonight so I can watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  Have a great night!!

  1. Hola amigos tremendo foro verdad?

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