Addiction to the internet, me??..naaahh!!  

Consider your self an internet addict if..You refuse to take your vacations in a place where there is not a telephone line or cable…Most of your friends have a @ in their names..The last person you meet was in a JPEG..If U tilt you head to one side to smile 🙂  .You dont know the sex of your friends becouse they have a neutral name like, (nick names)..If you think that your paper work can be better if you review it with Netscape 1.1 or newer version…If you feel a sensation of emptiness when you turn off you PC…

When you refer to going to the restroom like,Downloading..If you wake up at 4:00a.m to use the restroom and you decide to check your @mail before returning to bed,when you see that you have no messages you check it again,just in case…If you get sick,and instead of medicine you want an anti-virus..In you erotic dreams you can find a feature that says ,Web-cam avalible…

When your nightmares are about, fatal error,retrieve,no connection or, virus detected..When you come out of U room to find uot that you parents dont live there anymore.. If you have any of this symptoms,, my friend.. you are welcome to my club.

    • Gema
    • January 16th, 2006

    Hola! te doy las gracias por tu visita a mi space desde tan lejos!! jejeje gracias por tus palabras… paso te digo que New york es mi segundo sueño para visitar,mi primer sueño fue Egipto ya lo hize realidad,ahora esta por hacer New york….espero que sea pronto! un saludo fuerte desde Málaga! thank you.bye

    • Kim
    • January 16th, 2006

    LOL …I think we\’ve all been addicted at one point or another. So, how have you been? You must be feeling better by now. I\’m still fighting this cold or whatever it is that I\’ve contracted. There are 2 reasons I cannot shake this: 1. kids, I love them dearly but they are germy litte things 2. work, I work in a sea of cubicles in a building that is poorly ventalated (if you ask me,lol). Hope your week is off to a great start!

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