Sick days

                                            Starting the new year with the wrong foot

This year is not my good year.First week of this year and I ready got a big cut in my finger and now I getting sick of the (FLU). This is my 3rd day feeling miserable at home .

I read in a ->BLOG<- that I use to visit every 3 days that, I shouden’t be so worried about mi sickness unless I were in turkey or the Asiatic continent. Oh well at least I’m a very optimistic person, I realise that becouse my first thought about it was…

When everithing goes wrong…                             When you feel sad ..        

 When everithing seems to be against you…    When you are in the border line of desperation..

When you tell you self, I shouden’t leave my bed today..

When you are asking your self, why me?

THINK…. The good of the bad is that, it could be worst.

Last night I wasn’t able to sleep so I add this cool GRAFFITI WALL to my blog, I hope you scratch something there. Come on don’t be a chicken leave you mark, I promise not to sale you signature on e-bay. ..Maybe. Muhahahaha!

I been doing a lot of reading this days and the medicine that they are giving me make me sleepy, and the cooles thing of it is that when I fall to sleep I dream what I was reading before .I hope they sale this medecine with uot prescription. lol even the name of this miraculous wonder of the medicine world has a weird name,Antistaminics something Wooow is like somebody is trying to open a black hole in the universe to me.well enough of non sense. see you in the mirror.

    • Kim
    • January 10th, 2006

    Hey Michael …I\’m sorry you\’re not feeling well. I\’m almost back to "normal" but I can\’t seem to get rid of this cough. It\’s more like an annoying scratch in the back of my throat. Your blog made me laugh. It is true that we don\’t have to be as concerned as those in Asia or Turkey but I worry that it might spread here some day. Probably not this year and hopefully they\’ll find a way to stop the bird flu before it migrates.I hope you feel better soon!!!

    • Ranoun
    • January 12th, 2006

    u know wht my 1st day in the new years wasn\’t that great \’coz i came acroos a bunch of ppl i don\’t like very much,but u know wht i am determined to make this year a better one & no flu or what ever is going to ruin it ok so just have hope & be optimistic as u say ,be happy just like me looooooool

    • Dandona
    • January 13th, 2006

    Hi, I like your space alot , it\’e very nice , Hope you have a very nice year 2006, just focus on the good things, forget the bad, make new resolutions, and take life as it gets, you know. that\’s just how life is,anyhow Happy new year, hope you check my space, bye

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