first screw up of 2006

The first screw up in new year’s night was when I find out that the wine was corked, and we diden’t have te thing to opened. So I start running all over the house to see what pointed object could I use to solve the problem, and the first thing I found was a long nave immediatly I start to taking the cork out ( kids don’t try this at home)but it was to hard, so I apply extra power in it causing mi hand to slide down cutting mi middle finger.Yes mi middle finger, finger that I use most to say hi’ to bad people it finally got his punishment. well it not that bad just one inch long cut so to all my enemies : Sorry for desapointing you like that I will not die of  this wound but, if it is any consolation price let me tell you that it hurts like hell… what the heck I m tallking about,? I have no enemies (lol)

So this is an advice for you all .. it is a bad idea to try to open a corked battle of wine with a nave .jejejeje

Becouse I took the pain like a men nobody notice it and the party when on wile I was fixing my problem with a huge bandage , and at midnigth the classic (b.s)

 Tost for love, for peace , my best wishes for this for that bla,bla ,bla . and I wasen’t

the exeption so there ..Now that the test of peace is over you can stop that silly smile with you mother in law, you sister in law father in law and all the people you have a discussion troug the year with.

My wishes for you all is that.. u get unforgivable orgasms, that you work 40 hrs and u get paid 80,I wish that u win the lotto and that you get a 100 crazy fun nights.In case u start new year a kind of rude,  you know the old saying ..if life give you lemons……If life turns her back on you ..poke her asstalavista babys..

    • January 9th, 2006

    osito, que curada, me muero de la risa, hahahahaa this one should be the joke for your page,como seguia leyendo me daba mas risa, que bueno que tu aÑo empiese con buen sentido del humor, te deseo de corazon que este aÑo sea mejor que el 2005..

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