This entry is especially for those 5 boys that lived me a comment saying :Hey yoo I read u’r profile and it say that u’r a Auto tech. So why not adding a little something about how I can make my car faster dude… Ok.ok.now, I dont want to encorage anybody to race in the streets becouse I dont want anybody to get hurt,I dont want something like that taking my sleep away so, how about if I tell you how to take care of you’r car istead? Here is some tips to keep your meand machine in shape

montly check up

Check engine ligths on dash,accesory ligths,,high been signals,etc.tires inflation and winshield washer fluid.




 ATF (automatic transs fluid),batt cables belts,air filter.Most do by now oil change see you’r manual guide to know what kind of oil size,gas filter radiator hoses,pow steering fluid and mufler condition.




ATF (automatic transs fluid) batt cables belts ,chasis lubrication.any engine ligths on dash.air filter oil cange gas filter,engine hoses pow steering oil air pressure in tires,windshield washer fluid and winshield wipers (blades).




ATF. batt & cables belts front and rear brakes,cabine air filter lubrication in chasis engine ligths,antifreeser service(winterizer or sumerizer,engine air filter.oilchange ,gas filter hoses*( heater hoses bypass hoses and rediator and vaquium ) accesory ligths,pow steering fluid,spark plugs,shoks and or struts ,pressur or condition of tires. winshield washer fluid,winshield wiper blades.

Well my friend, I hope this is help for you but if you want some extra information you can visit this COOL web site it is NEW and it comes in SPANISH  too.. , just click —>here<—and if you really like cars this is a place to–> start <– bye and THANKS for you’r comments about you suggestion of adding car  pictures to my blog ….I will do so very soon. 

My Super Car

    • December 15th, 2005

    oye corazon, cres que puedas aserme un blog con la explicacion que te pedi, chansa y otros 2 o 3 se puedan beneficiar de esto.. con ese corazonsote que tienes seguro lo aras, jjijiji yeah right jajaj hay, ese es el video de la rola que me dedicaste, que perron, esta fregon corazon, besos cachondos osito!

    • December 23rd, 2005

    hey osito, que padre ya puedo arreglar mi carro, que haria sin ti..eres lo maximo!! ups,,,non tengo carro jajajajj

    • Ariadna
    • December 29th, 2005

    thank you by I don`t know English, yes Spanish and Italian. FELIZ AÑO NUEVO AMIGO!

    • December 29th, 2005

    Hola Gracias Por Tu Comentario Y Pues Me Gusto Mucho Tu Space Espero Nos Podamos Seguir Comunicando Y Si Puedes Pa Que Me Ayudes En Algo Que Quiero Pa Mi Space…. Nada Feliz Navidad A Y Te Hablo De Puerto Rico Mucho Gusto

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