Full Moon Rising

What a georgeous full moon last night ! And since it was clear here in new york, I actually got a good view of it. I’ve always loved the night sky – something about the boundless expanse of sky, with the moon and stars lighting a seemingly infinite darkness, ‘speaks’ to my soul in a profound way. It makes me feel at once small and insignificant in the vastness of the universe and yet very connected to it. I’m posting one of the poems inspired by the subject,a poem that i read long ago by : Steve Flavin..  

Moon light on the water,like a pathway through the night, take my hand and walk it with me, tell me Everithing’s alright.bring me through the night-time safely, just by being by my side And I’ll forget the long sad nights when I sat all alone and cried.bring me back in time for daybreak, So we can watch it from the beach. As the moon hits the horizon, slipping quietly out of reach.


    • Angel
    • November 5th, 2006

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            ,      _         {`–.      { \\/`o;====- {:}\’-.}>,  .—-\’-/`-/        {.–\’          ))  __    `\’-..-|,/                  __     // /_/       /\\/\\                  \\_\\_((_/___        `–`                           ))     \\_\\

    • Angel
    • November 5th, 2006

                                    __                               /  |                        | \\    \\/_/                        \\_\\     | / __                                         \\/ _/__\\           .–=\’/~\\      ____,__/__,_____,______)/   /{~}}}                 -,—–,–\\–,—–,—,\\\’-\’ {{~}}                               __/\\_            \’–=.\\}/                              /_/ |\\\\                                       \\/

    Moon Glow 
      The darkest night, flows with awind hus trhough the open blackness.Ya\’ see the moon glow? Ya\’ hear the whisper? Rivulets spill with wateracross the mountain plains; rolls down along the steep slope-ya\’see the moon glow? Ya\’ hear the whispers? Stars glitter, through sparklesof the darkest night.Windy cold breeze swifts; swiftly into space.Laugher engulfes the moon light.Ya\’ see the moon glow? Ya\’ hear the whispers? Moon light angles corners, as weet melodies swells into air, of silence.Birds dance through the moon; shadows appear.ya\’ see the moon glow.Ya\’ hear the whispers? Celine Berghmans

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